Woodinville Crawl Space Cleaning and Attic Insulation

Crawl Pros has served the Woodinville community since 2013.  We are proud to have completed several crawl space cleaning and attic insulation services throughout the years in Woodinville.

Like other nearby towns, Woodinville began as a logging community.  Woodinville is the home to some renowned local wineries, the Woodinville Tourist District and its summer concert  series.   It’s vibrant community is situated in densely wooded residential areas.

Because of the large number trees in Woodinville and the Pacific Northwest’s wet winters, problems can crop up in your home or business’s crawl space and attic.

Our crew is expertly trained to provide professional crawl space cleaning services as well as other essential services such as duct sealing and repair, vapor barrier removal, replacement and encapsulation, water mediation, sump pump installations, and insulation removal and installation.

One of our recent Woodinville customers wrote:

Very Professional, Courteous, Responsive and Experienced
July 17, 2017 | Craig H. | Woodinville

Initially we had an inspection/estimate done, the inspector showed up exactly on time, quickly went under the hose, photographed the major issues, and showed me everything (I had been under there many times and he found things I never saw). The estimate was exactly what I expected (my neighbor hired them last year for a similar sized house) and the work would take 2 days due to the size of our house. We were scheduled for the next week.The actual work went extremely well, they showed up on time (with a 2 hour commute for them), started right away, the first day they created a corridor of plastic and cardboard/plastic to enclose their access to the outside (this was removed at the end of the day), so odor and debris wouldn’t enter the house, they then completely cleaned out all vapor barrier, insulation and other debris, sealed all holes, ducts (with mastic), insulated uninsulated water pipes and ducts. This took about 6 hours, with 3 men. The 2nd day they put the corridor back up, installed all the insulation completed a bit more sealing and laid the vapor barrier. This took about 10 hours. The insulation was actually more tightly and completely hung than the original builder did. The vapor barrier was taped together into one continuous sheet, the original was just wide slightly overlapping strips. Upon completion I was invited down to inspect. All debris was bagged and at the end of each day was removed. Overall the work was very well done, very professional, the crew were courteous, responsive and very experienced. I would highly recommend these folks to others.

Crawl Pros takes pride in the work we do and the services we provide.  Here are just a few of the services we provide to Woodinville customers:

  • Cleanup from water and severe moisture damage to structural beams
  • Removal and replacement of damaged vapor barrier
  • Cleanout and removal of debris, rotted wood rodent carcasses and waste plastics
  • Mildew and mold cleanup
  • Sealing of air penetration points and gaps
  • Insulation removal and installation
  • Odor neutralizer fogging application to reduce potential for re-infestation

We are here to help you solve crawl space maintenance, flooding and insulation issues.

Call us today toll free at 866-673-9626 for cleanup services and attic insulation to ensure maximum protection from moisture damage, improved air quality, and increased energy savings.