It’s been another typical Northwest winter.  Plenty of rain and even some snow.  Did your home suffer water damage this winter?  Crawl Pros can help.

Living in the Northwest we expect the winters to be wet.  Many times, however, we are just not prepared for the amount of rain and water damage mother nature can bring.  Seattle’s 2017 rainfall was over 10 inches above average at nearly 48 inches.  Portland’s rainfall at 45.5 inches made it the second-wettest winter in the city in more than 75 years of record-keeping.

Rainy and wet conditions can mean water in the crawl space.  Water in the crawl space can mean damage to your home.

repairing water damage with a sump pump

Wet materials in the crawl space can start to develop mold in as short as 24 hours.  Wet spaces can lead to mold showing up in hidden places in the home such as inside walls or under the floors.  Some mold such as black mold can even be toxic to humans.

The best prevention for water damage, and the issues it can cause such as mold and mildew, is to head off the problem before it starts.  The Crawl Pros experts can help you deal with water problems through our tested and affordable systems.

The Best Way to Prevent Mold Problems is to Control Water Damage Before it Starts

The best way to deal with water damage is to prevent it in the first place.  According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, more than 60 percent of American homes are exposed to below-ground wetness.  In the Northwest the average cost to clean and dry out a home is $2,700.  This price does not include any reconstruction work needed such as replacing floors, drywall, rewiring and insulation. The average water damage insurance claim is $7,500.  In either case this is a lot of money spent on unnecessary repairs.

Instead, the best way to head off water damage issues is with a drainage plan, sump pump and humidifier.  Crawl Pros specializes in the design and implementation of these systems and can save you thousands in long-term water damage problems.

One of the most effective ways to prevent your crawl space from flooding is to install a sump pump system.  A sump pump is a small pump, or multiple pumps, installed at the lowest point of the crawl space.  It operates by pumping out excess water in your crawl space into an external drainage system or your downspouts, thus preventing the pooling of water and flooding under your home. 

In many cases Crawl Pros’ sump pumps are installed in specially constructed sump box from Liberty pumps.  These sump boxes contain two sump pumps, a main and back up; designed to ensure your crawl space is fully protected.

We also install a battery backup system to alert you if the pump should somehow malfunction or fail.  We even offer a phone app system that alerts you via your smart phone if there is an issue with the pump.

After we install you sump pump system we return on an annual basis to service the pump and make sure it operating to specifications.

Take a look at the video below where our President, Richard Herron, explains the Crawl Pros’ sump installation process.

Don’t let the rainy weather damage your most important investment: your home.  Give us a call today at 866-673-9626 to schedule a free evaluation and let Crawl Pros set up your water drainage solution.