Updating Your Wall Insulation in Hard-To-Reach Places

Updating the wall installation in the exterior walls of your home is an essential step you can take to increase your home’s energy efficiency. Unlike the attic and crawl space, which are usually accessible, the wall insulation cavities of an existing home are inaccessible, making insulating them more of a challenge. That does not mean you can’t insulate the walls in an existing home, however.  On the contrary, at Crawl Pros we employ some innovative ways to provide wall insulation in your walls, wrapping your home with a shield of warmth.

Drill & Fill

Due to old building codes many homes built before 1960 don’t have any wall insulation.  Save by insulating.

One way we retrofit a house with wall insulation is by drilling a hole in the wall, usually from the outside and spraying in either densely packed borate cellulose insulation or cementitious foam insulation. Once we have finished spraying insulation into each section of wall cavity, we plug and patch each hole. (Please note that the homeowner is responsible for supplying matching paint to achieve a seamless finish.)

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