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At Crawl Pros, we have a passion for creating healthy homes and happy homeowners. We love hearing feedback from our customers and encourage you to leave a review to let others know about our services.  Thanks again for trusting us with your home!

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We highly recommend Jose!
September 18, 2018 | Sandpang | Website

Jose came out yesterday to inspect our crawl space. After years of dealing with rats getting into our crawl space, Jose was able to locate an opening in our crawl space that others could not. He was thorough and explained his findings to my husband. We are so thankful he spent his time and expertise to help us finally address our rat problem. We highly recommend Jose!

I just can’t say enough about how hard they worked
September 28, 2018 | Ron S | Website

I want to add my testimonial to your Website. Your Estimator Topher was out a few weeks ago and did a most great job assessing our needs for under the home here in Mukilteo. Your crew arrived on time, and for two day worked EXTREMELY HARD and I just can't say enough about how hard they worked. There were two particular areas that were very very hard to insulate. They did it, and I was amazed. I came home after they were done from work and was astonished at their work. Thank you so much, I honor professionals, hard workers fully.

Thank You, Ron and Wanda S.

Thankfully your team’s attention to detail and hard work in repairing our crawlspace arguably saved our mobile home from going up in flames.
August 18, 2018 | Trevor S | Email

I wanted to pass along our sincere appreciation and thanks for all the hard work your team performed in repairing and rehabilitating our crawlspace for our mobile home in Cheney, WA! Shortly after your team completed their work our mobile home experienced a significant electrical failure/short during routine home owner maintenance. This was caused by faulty wiring in the crawlspace and a breaker on the panel not tripping/popping as designed. Thankfully your team's attention to detail and hard work in repairing our crawlspace arguably saved our mobile home from going up in flames. The newly installed fire-resistant fiberglass insulation shielded the lumber/support braces from igniting. This could have easily turned into a significant fire that could have quickly destroyed our mobile home and all of our personal belongings inside. We wanted to stress that the work you and your team does is extremely important and greatly appreciated! After this incident we are extremely grateful that we prioritized getting the crawlspace work done sooner rather than later. Thank you!

Our Company Uses Crawl Pros Exclusively
June 13, 2018 | Jerry K | Online

Our company uses Crawl Pros exclusively. When they finish a job you could eat lunch in your Crawl Space. Topher has always made time to get the job done in a timely fashion and we can and do count on them. Always on time and on always friendly and professional. We highly recommend them.

As a restoration company, we use Crawl Pros as a vendor because they take such good care of our customers.
May 31, 2018 | Jerry | Online

As a restoration company, we use Crawl Pros as a vendor because they take such good care of our customers. Their work is top notch, their tech's very personable and knowledgeable. You won't be unhappy with Crawl Pros.

They really do take care of their clients. Highly recommend Crawl Pros.
December 17, 2017 | Sally | Online

The customer service from first contact by phone to the work crew, and to the very end when paying was excellent. They know how to treat their clients. The estimator, Michael,came out and meticulously examined the crawlspace and explained the issues. The project was scheduled for soonest available at 6 weeks out.

Turns out my sump pump gave out a few weeks from project start date, when we had a ton of rain, so there were several inches of water in the crawl space. I called Crawl Pros. They apologized that they couldn't send out a crew because they were all booked. However, they said they would send someone out. That same day, Michael came back out and hooked up an emergency sump pump to drain the lake.

Come project day, the crew arrived when they said they would and finished the project in two days as promised. They did a great job, and they cleaned up well -- couldn't even tell they were there dragging out old insulation, moisture barriers, dirt. They sent final photos to show the work, and i also went into the crawl space to see the work after they left. They took care of the work as if it was for their own homes. You can tell they care when they neatly fold the homeowner's tarp and neatly roll up the homeowner's hose and tuck them near the side of the house. Crawl Pros, thanks for the customer care and peace of mind.

To note, they did not charge for the emergency sump pump. They really do take care of their clients.
Highly recommend Crawl Pros.

Crawl Pros did an outstanding job insulating my attic…
November 3, 2017 | Joni | Online

Crawl Pros did an outstanding job insulating my attic. Their price was competitive but the workmanship was superior. Joseph's estimate addressed all my needs and Nadin and his assistant were conscientious in setting up efficient in installation. The following morning I was astounded at the difference and how much warmer it was.

We fully recommend Crawl Pros!
November 2, 2017 | Jeff K | Online

We commend Crawl Pros for the excellent service that we received. From engaging Ken for an estimate, through the completion of the cleaning and insulating of our attic and crawl space, there is no doubt that all who served us did so thoroughly. We appreciated how they provided “before” photos to explain our existing attic and crawl space conditions, and “after” photos to show us the work that was done. We also appreciated how the interior walkways to all work areas were sealed off with plastic to prevent the spread of the dust and dirt, so there was very minimal clean-up for us. We fully recommend Crawl Pros!

I couldn’t be happier!
October 27, 2017 | Susie L. | Graham, WA

Estimator, Ken Brown, was extremely thorough in inspection of crawl space and explaining to me the work that would take place and precautions that would be taken to prevent contamination of the home.  Work was exactly as he said by an excellent crew of four that were very professional in their execution of the job.  I couldn't be happier!  Thank you!

I’d hire again.
October 23, 2017 | Katherine M. | Edgewood, WA

Great crew, arrived on time hard workers. Masked everything from their truck to attic access. Absolutely no clean up for me when job completed. I'd hire again.

My pest control company confirmed today that it’s clean and “like Fort Knox” now.
September 25, 2017 | Susan F. | Olympia

The estimator (Ken) took over 3 hours! His work was amazingly detailed, explaining what was going to be done (with photos), and the bid was very professional and transparent in terms of how much things cost. The team arrived on the day scheduled and I was very impressed that they fit me in on a Saturday due to the urgency of the situation. They were clean, they cleaned up after themselves, they showed me their work afterwards. From what I could tell everything is now sealed up tightly. My pest control company confirmed today that it's clean and "like Fort Knox" now. He said he could not see any place now where rats could get in. Crawl Pros warranties their work, and I would definitely call them again if needed. Although hopefully not!

The crew that did the work was on time and finished the job the same day
August 19, 2017 | Laura W. | Federal Way

Richard did the inspection and estimate - and he was very helpful. The crew that did the work was on time and finished the job the same day. Everything was clean and looked good. Recently I had a pest control inspection done and the guy that went under the house said they did a great job sealing everything up and there were no signs of rodents. So that was great to hear. Crawl space clean out is a big deal and not cheap - but I was happy with the customer service and quality of work.

Very professional and nice.
May 16, 2017 | Karen M. | Bellevue

This establishment did an incredible job. I didn't even go search out another bid. I was totally impressed with the gentleman that came for a bid. Very professional and nice. The people on the phone were very accommodating and polite. I highly recommend them to everyone in need of their service!

They went above and beyond.
May 15, 2017 | Kami | Port Orchard

We had a few companies come out and give us quotes. These guys were by far the best. They went above and beyond. We had an exterminator come out and he actually took down their info because he was so impressed and when pse audited our home they too were impressed and said they did a great job.

The whole process is painless, everyone I’ve contacted with at CrawlPros was very courteous. I highly recommend CrawlPros.
August 16, 2017 | Russell | Online

I noticed rodent activities in the crawl space, after the rodent problem was taken care of. I contacted two companies for estimate, the rodent dropping and urine require replacement of the insulation and vapor barrier. Zach came out to evaluate the condition, and provide me a quote, everything is clearly written down on the quote. I scheduled the service in 2 weeks. The house is vacant, so I left the key to house under the front mat, crew of three people arrived early in the morning, and they started to work right away, I went there to check the progress at the end of the day, they did a fantastic job, everything is so clean, it's like they have never been there. The whole process is painless, everyone I've contacted with at CrawlPros was very courteous. I highly recommend CrawlPros.

58 photos of the crawl space work we received from Crawl Pros showed the phases and extent of their excellent workmanship.
September 1, 2017 | Herb | Online

Crawl Pros did not have the lowest price of the competitors, but we believe Joseph Geyer of Crawl Pros did the best analysis of the work required to be done in the crawl space. 58 photos of the crawl space work we received from Crawl Pros showed the phases and extent of their excellent workmanship.

Showed up on time and worked diligently for 12 hours
August 31, 2017 | Carl | Online

the crew and estimator [Ken] showed up on time and worked diligently for 12 hours and completed the job as promised. All workmanship was excellent and they cleaned up everything.

Crawl Pros did an excellent job cleaning and insulating our crawl space.
August 10, 2017 | Fred | Online

Crawl Space Cleaning Pros did an excellent job cleaning and insulating our crawl space. The estimator, Topher, arrived on time and completed a through inspection and very professional project proposal. We were scheduled for one week later, and at the time, David completed the work in one full day. We opted for a white ground sheet, which brightened the space greatly. All possible rodent entry points were blocked efficiently with cement and/or steel wool and wire screening. Insulation was installed as promised and held in place with twine. All and all - excellent service and work. My only regret is not having done this years ago!

We Will Recommend Crawl Pros to our Friends and Family
August 8, 2017 | DuWayne G. | Pacific

We found that we had a problem with critters (possums, etc) having found their way into our crawl space and raising havoc. The insulation was torn down and an overwhelming urine odor came through the floor. Crawl Pros had excellent on-line reviews so we contacted them. Joseph promptly came by to make an assessment and provided a bid for the cleanup, exclusion work and repairs. Joseph as well as everyone from the workers to management and office staff was very professional and helpful. The work was completed quickly and on schedule even though we did have one possum who was reluctant to leave requiring the services of a separate State licensed Wildlife Control Operator. We will surely recommend Crawl Pros to our friends and family.

Definitely Worth the Money Spent
July 19, 2017 | S D. | Bremerton

They were the best-priced and did a fantastic job removing the old liner, cleaning everything (even cleaned any evidence of rats and we haven’t had any since), and rewrapping everything in our crawlspace. We chose the white liner because it brightens up the space and we can see evidence if any rodents ever returned. It is definitely well worth the money spent. Joseph and his assistant were really easy to work with and did not pressure us into making any immediate decisions. So glad I can finally go down into the crawlspace without any worries.

Very Professional, Courteous, Responsive and Experienced
July 17, 2017 | Craig H. | Woodinville

Initially we had an inspection/estimate done, the inspector showed up exactly on time, quickly went under the hose, photographed the major issues, and showed me everything (I had been under there many times and he found things I never saw). The estimate was exactly what I expected (my neighbor hired them last year for a similar sized house) and the work would take 2 days due to the size of our house. We were scheduled for the next week.The actual work went extremely well, they showed up on time (with a 2 hour commute for them), started right away, the first day they created a corridor of plastic and cardboard/plastic to enclose their access to the outside (this was removed at the end of the day), so odor and debris wouldn’t enter the house, they then completely cleaned out all vapor barrier, insulation and other debris, sealed all holes, ducts (with mastic), insulated uninsulated water pipes and ducts. This took about 6 hours, with 3 men. The 2nd day they put the corridor back up, installed all the insulation completed a bit more sealing and laid the vapor barrier. This took about 10 hours. The insulation was actually more tightly and completely hung than the original builder did. The vapor barrier was taped together into one continuous sheet, the original was just wide slightly overlapping strips. Upon completion I was invited down to inspect. All debris was bagged and at the end of each day was removed. Overall the work was very well done, very professional, the crew were courteous, responsive and very experienced. I would highly recommend these folks to others.

July 13, 2017 | Susan S. | Tacoma

Crawl Space Cleaning Pros is an A+ company to work with. Every one of the employees I had contact with were helpful and proficient at there job. They called to schedule the work and said it would be the following week. I said that would be fine, but if the could do the work sooner it would be better. They called me back within 5 minutes and moved the work to 2 days out. They came prepared with extra supplies to do the job right the first time, called me while they we at the job to inform me of additional cost, before they did the additional work. They sent before and after pictures ~ Truly a great company to work with.

These Guys ROCK!
June 28, 2017 | Charel F. | Bonney Lake

This company restores my hope in people, businesses and the integrity of both!! From the initial inspection/estimate by Ken to the office staff (Denise, Glenda, and Nikole) to the 4 man crew!! They were responsive, arrived on time and did an excellent job of cleaning up my 2,000 sq. ft. crawl space infested with rodents.

They all were caring, thorough, and did a fantastic job of protecting everything in my garage from being contaminated during the clean-out. The entire job met and exceeded my expectations, including coming back out at my request to take care of a couple small items that many companies would have refused. These guys ROCK!

Did great job!
June 22, 2017 | Albina N. | Tacoma, WA

I needed crawl space and attic inspected and cleaned. Technicians showed on time. Did great job!
Left everything clean.

These guys did an amazing job
June 15, 2017 | Jon U. | Lacey

These guys did an amazing job. From the sales and office staff to the guys who did the work. My crawl space was a nightmare. From a water leak to a dead rat. They removed all my insulation, vapor barrier and duct insulation and all with a smile. They sealed my crawl to keep out the vermin, installed a new vapor barrier and sprayed for odor. It’s so clean now. I feel so much healthier in my home now. I would definitely call these guys again. I wish I did this long ago.

Very pleased!
June 7, 2017 | Barbara R. | Marysville

We are very pleased with the whole process, from the time the quote was given to workers showing up when expected to doing clean and professional work. Well done!

They did a great job
June 5, 2017 | Derek V. | Tacoma

I had critter issues in my rental property in Tacoma and our pest control company suggested exclusion work. I searched crawlspace cleaning and worked with Richard the owner. He looked at the crawlspace under the house and in the attic and gave me a professional quote. The price was quite a bit higher than I had expected. I tried getting a few other quotes, but 2 other companies refused to bid because the crawlspace under our house was so tight. I began to realize that he didn’t over bid because the work would be rough. He ended up giving me a 5% military discount and I went with the work under the house. I elected to do the work in the attic myself. 4 guys came out for a day expecting to get the work done but ended up having to complete a few days later. They did a great job and the cost was justified by the time and materials used. Also, after working in the attic crawlspace, I realized that I would gladly pay someone to do the work. Overall, the job was thoroughly completed and they were happy to do small items that I requested without charging more. Richard was professional and easy to contact.

First rate work and customer service
May 31, 2017 | Curt C. | Kirkland

From Marcel, the estimator guy, to the work crew, to Joanne in the office, first rate work and customer service for our crawl space clean-up and insulation. Their bid was detailed and included specific before and after pictures. And they followed up with a thank-you note, a customer service questionnaire option and a Starbucks gift card!

I Was Amazed at How Reasonable the Prices Were, Highly Recommended
May 30, 2017 | C&S D. | Bremerton

We have a 1925 home and asked Crawl Space Cleaning Pros to give us an estimate after we met them at a home show. Joseph came over with his assistant, Justine, and they were extremely polite. They were quite thorough when they looked at our crawlspace, and they showed us pictures of the issues that needed to be addressed. They also explained the rebates we were entitled to receive from our utility company. When we sat down to discuss the price to clean and insulate the crawlspace, and replace and insulate the ducts, I was amazed at how reasonable the prices were, so we hired them on the spot. We knew we had a rodent issue and were excited to have the neglected crawlspace finally brought back to a much better (and cleaner) state, free of rodents. Luis came out and did such an amazing job. He addressed every issue that was addressed with Joseph and really went beyond what we expected from the job. I HIGHLY recommend Crawl Space Pros to anyone who is looking to clean up their crawlspace. I’ve read so many other reviews before I made my decision, and my only frustration was receiving a call to reschedule work the day before they arrived (after I had already requested the days off to be home); however, they did credit me for the inconvenience.

We Would Highly Recommend This Company
May 29, 2017 | Hana K. | Bellevue

We recently hired Crawl Space Cleaning Pros to perform a comprehensive clean and re-insulation of the crawlspace and attic (including sump pump installation in the crawlspace), and we cannot say enough great things about this company. We needed to find a contractor to address significant water and mold damage in the crawlspace, as well as insulation issues in the attic.

We hired this company, despite receiving a cheaper bid from Clean Crawls (the estimator was rude and condescending), based on strong online reviews and an awesome customer service experience with Marcel during the bid process. While at our home during the bid process, he performed a thorough examination of the home, answered all of our questions, and presented himself as a professional and knowledgeable estimator. He also provided us with a detailed bid for the work at a reasonable cost. He continued to provide us with excellent service for the duration of the project, including answering additional questions, helping us get discounts through Puget Sound Energy, and recommending great subcontractors. Additionally, the work crew was equally professional and performed excellent work every step of the way with no delays.

Our crawlspace and attic look and smell fantastic now! We would highly recommend this company for all crawlspace and attic needs.

We Were Very Pleased With Their Work
May 26, 2017 | Andrew N. | Burien

We had our crawlspace evacuated this summer after rodents found their way in. We called Crawl Space Cleaning Pros and were very We had our crawlspace evacuated this summer after rodents found their way in. We called Crawl Space Cleaning Pros and were very pleased with the work that they did.

An estimator came to the house on a Saturday and looked at our space and offered an estimate on the spot. They were able to do the works a short time later and provided pictures after the fact to show the work and save me the trouble of going into the crawlspace myself to verify things. (This wasn’t a big deal for me as I’m able to get down there, but it could be very helpful if you have limited mobility).

Additionally the processed the PSE upgrade rebate for us.

These Guys are Great
May 25, 2017 | Mike M. | Woodinville

These guys are great. Provided me a detailed bid, consulted with me on the design and answered all my questions. The work was completed promptly and they were very respectful towards my home. The crawl space looks great and the sump pump is operating as advertised. They even left me parts for the exterior part of the job, which they didn’t have to.

I Would Highly Recommend Them
May 24, 2017 | Tracy O. | Snoqualmie

I used them on a rental house that needed a lot of work. Got three different estimates and not only did they come in a few hundred dollars less than the other two they were also much more thorough in their estimate by providing several pictures of what they saw under the house. They were on time for both the estimate meeting and the actual work and it looks great! My renters say they can already feel the difference in the heating of the home. I would highly recommend them!

They did a Great Job Overall
May 23, 2017 | Janie D. | Everett

The estimator came out and thoroughly checked out my crawl space and home. He then presented a bid and showed the process to me with pictures thoroughly. They were booked for 10-14 days out and I had no heat in the house because it was going all directly into the crawl space. He said let me work on getting a crew out here this weekend. He did. They came out and got right to work. I would say they did a great job overall. Simple easy process.

Nothing but a Pleasure to Work With
May 22, 2017 | Nick D. | Seattle

Crawl Space Cleaning Pros were nothing but a pleasure to work with – from estimator Joe, to the office staff I communicated with for scheduling and payment, and finally to the crew of Manuel and Jose. They cleaned out and re-insulated the crawl space, sealed and insulated ducts, insulated some pipes, installed a new vapor barrier, and Expel-ed for a fresh, top-notch crawl action…all at an extremely reasonable price. I would highly recommend working with these guys.

This is What a Good Business Looks Like
May 19, 2017 | Lin E. | Seattle

Crawl Space Cleaning Pros is what a GOOD BUSINESS looks like. Professional people, fine work, great, hard working employees, fast, excellent clean-up, fantastic job, great follow-up. Our thanks!

I Would Highly Recommend Them and Absolutely User Their Services Again
May 18, 2017 | Jonz C. | Tacoma

I was very impressed with the service levels I received when using Crawl Space Cleaning Pros at my home. We were getting ready to sell our house and wanted to make sure our crawl spaces were clean and odor free. From our first meeting with the owner and his employee, we got a very good feeling regarding their company. They were honest and upfront about their pricing and went into detail about the services they would provide. The technician that came to our home was efficient, on time and left our house very clean. Everyone at this company seems to be very respectful and service driven toward their customers. I would highly recommend them and absolutely use their services again if the need arises.

Fast, Honest, Friendly, Clean and Most Reasonably Prices
May 17, 2017 | Kate L. | Seattle

Totally impressed!! Fast, honest, friendly, clean and the most reasonably priced (after having a couple appraisals) I would definitely recommend (and have been) Crawl Space Cleaning Pros. I usually don’t write a ton of reviews but these guys really deserve praise.

Very Nice to Do Business With
May 16, 2017 | fair O. | Tacoma

Very nice to do business with. Joseph came in to do the quote/bid. He was very thorough and explained everything very well with pictures. We paid about half up front and the rest after it was done. The crew came when they said they would and it took as long as they said they would. They also cleaned up before they left. I was also able to get a $700 rebate from PSE. CSCP took care of the paperwork to get the rebate and it was deducted off the final cost. No fighting to get a reimbursement.

Wonderful Experience
May 15, 2017 | Laura S. | Seattle

I just had our unfinished basement re-insulated and rodent proofed (house built 1908) by this company and had a wonderful experience!! Joseph, who came and assessed my job/needs was awesome, very knowledgeable and right away had lots of input on how to approach our issues. The bid was fair and very competitive to other bids that I had gotten, but ultimately I had the best “gut feeling” about this company. Dave/David did the actual job and was very professional, hardworking (didn’t take a break in 6 hrs), communicated well as the job progressed and obviously very experienced! Most impressively, with every foundation/wall defect he found, Dave took time to expertly fix them, paying close attention to detail. I also really appreciated him pointing out issues that concerned him that I need to follow up on. Thank you Dave and Joseph!! I highly recommend this company!!

Job Well Done!!
May 12, 2017 | Carl O. | Port Orchard

The attic work was by far the most labor intensive and took the entire day on 1/8/16…our “low slope” roof makes attic work incredibly challenging and the crew performed amazingly. Due to the time required to finish, the minimal crawlspace work was rescheduled and completed on 1/26/16. All aspects of our initial estimate were effectively completed. We lost a CO monitor which was plugged into a hall outlet in the process of clean up on 1/8/16 and this was replaced by the company with no questions asked. This is the second time I’ve had worked performed by Crawl Space Cleaning Pros and I would not hesitate to use them again…job well done!! We are certainly enjoying the added comfort provided by the attic insulation upgrades.

Quick, But Great Work
May 11, 2017 | Yong R. | Lacey

I am so grateful for amazing job and recommended that I make the claim with my insurance company. Thank you for the quick but great work.

Crawl Pros Did an Excellent Job, Are Worth the Investment
May 10, 2017 | Julie J. | Seattle

Crawlspace Cleaning Pros did an excellent job completing rodent repair damage for the sale of my home. Office staff was very swift in scheduling an estimator to come out and determine the scope of work. They were able to complete the work in a reasonable time frame, all within the same day. Received pics of the work and invoice the following day. Got 5% Yelp discount to help cover taxes. Price and quality of work very fair. Crawlspace issues is nasty business, I wish I had found this company earlier on to minimize damage from rodents. Pest Control company has limitations to what they can do, not these guys. They are worth the investment

This is the Best Company Ever
May 9, 2017 | Mario Z. | Federal Way

This is the best company ever, very reasonable price, very professional job, the guys are amazing workers, they make the job as they promised, don’t waste your time to looking for another company.

We Know to Call Crawl Pros Again Next Time
May 8, 2017 | Andy F. | Mountlake Terrace

We had been needing/wanting to have work done on our crawl space for a while, and finally decided to pull the trigger. CSCP was very easy to communicate with via Yelp and phone.

They were basically on time to the appointment for the estimate (just 10 mins late, but called me to let me know they were going to be 10 mins late, which is totally fine). The estimate was quick and professional. They even had a printer in the back of the car so they could show me pictures of how my crawl space was looking at the time. We talked through the various rebate options from my utility company, which I had done some research on before, and settled on the scope of work.

CSCP completely cleaned out our crawl space, sealed holes in our subfloor and installed a vapor barrier (our old one was non-existent). They also sealed and wrapped our heating ducts (should have done that before winter!) and they made a new dog house and insert for the entrance to our crawl space, which before was anything but sealed. On top of that, they installed insulation across our entire floor. Our house was built in the 60s, and very little insulation was left. No wonder our gas bills were so high this year! The price was reasonable, and we were able to work together so I didn’t even have to leave work on the day they did the cleaning.

If we ever decide to do anything to our attic, we know who to call. Thank you!

Work Done Exceeded My Expectations
May 5, 2017 | Frank D. | Tacoma, WA

Had a home inspection that required work in the homes crawl space. Work was done cleanly and quickly and promptly. Work was done to a high standard and exceeded my expectations.

Exceptional Service From Beginning to End
March 24, 2017 | Roxanne T. | Shoreline

This past winter, my pest control company had to treat for rodents and suggested I look into a crawlspace and attic cleanout (particularly the crawl).

Of the 3 bids, I decided on Crawl Space Cleaning Pros. Marcel, the estimator, arrived on time and following his findings, gave me the most thorough estimate. It included a notebook of information about their company and services offered, a sample of the barrier material they use, a detailed list of all work tasks, a timeline, pictures of the current condition and exact cost. He was very clear and professional. He answered all of my questions (he knows the complete process from office tasks to cleanout details) and was always available for follow-up questions. Not once did he use any pressure or upsell offers. And to top it, his was the lowest bid.

Glenda and Denise, at the front office, are very efficient and clear and made scheduling very easy. During one of those calls, I asked a question about the contract and ended up talking with the owner (Richard) for quite some time. He was very pleasant and shared a lot of interesting info about this type of business. He also welcomed my feedback and asked suggestions for any improvements.

The day of the job couldn’t have went better. Luis and Heber arrived on time and immediately went to work tenting and securing their work path. They removed an incredible amount of debris (old barrier, rodent-infested insulation that had been secured between wooden planks, old ducting, construction debris, etc). They replaced and staked a new barrier, sanitized with an odorless treatment, replaced insulation and secured with twine, air sealed or installed wire mesh on any gaps and poured concrete in burrow holes. They were like machines for 9-10 hrs but always stopped for any of my questions or comments. Their clean-up was incredible – not one speck of dust or anything out of place. The only way I really knew they were there is that the air was remarkably better immediately and they provided several pictures of the finished work.

During the cleanout, Luis confirmed I had a leaky pipe. Since then, 2 plumbers have been out to bid and both have commented on the thoroughness of the job. Also, the pest control tech came out for a follow-up and was thrilled that the crawlspace is now so clean and sealed.

And several days later, I received a thank-you note with a Starbucks gift card – nice touch.

I’m so pleased that I found Crawl Space Cleaning Pros and look forward to using them for the attic. Many, many thanks to their entire team!

A Very Impressive Company!!!
May 20, 2016 | David Gilmore | Auburn , WA

I had several companies show up to provide me with quotes for some crawl space work I needed done. They were by far the most professional. They put together a professional looking quote with photos within minutes from his vehicle. It spelled out exactly what they were doing and gave an exact price quote. He also attached some photos of the areas of concern. None of the other companies came close either in price or professionalism. When it came time to do the job they were on time and did quality work. A week later they even sent me a thank you card!!…how many other businesses would do this. Thanks again to everyone at Crawl Space Cleaning Pros!!

Wonderful, Amazing Service, From Beginning to End
May 16, 2016 | Michael de Haan | Seattle , WA

From the very first interaction with an estimator, to the actual job, this was smooth, polished and professional. I would use them again, or recommend them in a heart beat.

Very Impressed With Their Prompt, Professional Manner
March 30, 2015 | Carl O | Port Orchard , WA

The crew began work on 5/27 and returned to finish on 5/30. All contracted work was completed which included thorough clean up and hauling away of all debris. Very impressed with their prompt, professional manner.

Punctual, Professional and Personalble
March 30, 2015 | Joseph H. | Snohomish , WA

Quote was accurate and performed at the scheduled time in a professional manner. Workers were punctual, professional and personable. Work was excellent, workspace was cleaned up nicely when done.

When They Left There Was No Evidence They Had Been…
March 28, 2015 | Sheri B | Orting , WA

The crew showed up on time, introduced themselves and explained what they would be doing. They covered my floors in plastic to protect them and got right to work. They finished up quickly and when they left there was no evidence that they had been there — no stray insulation or materials on the floor or in my yard. All three workers were polite and professional. Although I can’t visually inspect their work I am confident that they did a fine job.

They Guys Wore All the Protective Gear and Kept the…
March 26, 2015 | Bob U | Snohomish, WA

In addition to the planned work, they cut back the joists enough to open the ventilation and made sure the new insulation didn’t block the eave vents. In the crawl space they checked all the pipe insulation (even found the builder had mistakenly insulated a natural gas line), and found some wet insulation from plumbing work a few months ago. Took that out and replaced it with fresh insulation. The guys wore all the proper protective gear and kept the house clean—they picked up everything when they were finished. They were also happy to explain what they’d found and what their plans were.

The Job Went Well. The Bid Was Detailed and Informative
March 25, 2015 | John G | Woodinville , WA

The job went well. The bid was detailed and informative. The crew showed up on time and finished on time. I had some special requirements — the construction of the ceiling required an air gap above the insulation. The boss (Richard) went over that with me before the bid, and the crew did a good job of meeting the unusual requirement

The Job Was Done to Our Complete Satisfaction
March 25, 2015 | Linda S | Bothell , WA

During remodeling of our living room and kitchen, our contractor suggested we have the crawl space under the living room and kitchen insulated for warmth. Also, it was noticed that the original construction workers back in 1974 had left cigarette butts, beer cans and other garbage in the crawl space. We needed to have all the garbage removed. Company showed up on time for the job, workers were friendly, supervisor was professional and the job was done to our complete satisfaction.

Every Part of the Process Went Very Smoothly
March 21, 2015 | Ron S | Seattle , WA

Every part of the process went very smoothly from getting the initial quote to installation and followup. We had a few things that needed to be fixed after our inspector pointed them out and the crew was out the next day to get things right. Overall very pleased.