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Crawl Space Water Mediation and Sump Pump Install  - December 2018, Portland, OR

Water Mediation Portland

The water mediation job was completed for a customer in Portland, OR.  The job required a full insulation and vapor barrier removal along with installation of new insulation, a vapor barrier and a sump pump.

The customer was so please with the work he provided the following Yelp review.

We were not exactly sure which way to go to get our crawl space addressed which has had a history of water, mice, improper drainage from the original builder. The builder was made aware of the issues 20 some years ago when they completed this home. The original owner had the crawl space flood out to the floor joists. The builder came in did a really poor job of stopping the influx of water, and getting it discharged externally of the crawlspace in proper form. We are the third owners and have dealt with water in the crawl space from day one. The space is dark, moisture barrier dirty, not covering the soil, ill performing sump pump, pipes, insulation, heat ducting issues I could go on. I called Crawl Pros after a conversation with a friend of mine. The Estimator arrived did his job, left quotation, pictures to verify all of my issues. We spoke to address the quote, work to be done and agreed. Calls came to set up work dates. The crews arrived in three support vehicles, all the goods to make our space as it should have been originally. Seven workers for two days completed the impossible. The house was left spotless even though the entrance to the work area was a hatch in the floor of the closet under the stairs. True professional isolated our area from the front door into the closet to avoid getting the house dirty, area has also isolated with a fan to circulate the area, minimize exposure to the particulates. In a nutshell we are happy, I will never go to the crawl space again in my lifetime. Some of the things they did were; sealing all areas from outside, inside, rewired crawl space vents, retrenched the foundation, added proper drain piping, rock work, sump basin, sump pump (battery, alarm backup), new vapor barrier, wrapped pipes, replaced some furnace duct work. Prior to any work being done under the house they removed everything that was an issue from, wood, old piping, insulation, vapor barrier, old drainage items that the builder did from their poor performance. We also had the Crawl Pros remove, replace all of the insulation in our floor. The insulation was compromised from critters, and the habitual water issues. We are happy to have the work done, completed by Crawl Pros. Plus for a small fee each year they will come out and check the space, pump, etc...... that is refreshing. Like I stated earlier I am never going under there again, I have found the correct PEOPLE that make the Company called Crawl Pros.

Randy J. - Portland, OR

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