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​Attic Clean Out and Re-insulation  - December 2018, Kent, Washington

attic insulation kent washington

This Crawl Pros job was a full attic clean out and re-Insulation covering approximately 2098 square feet.
For this job the following work was completed by our technicians:

  • Technicians prepared the house for work by laying plastic over floors and furniture in path to access hatch.
  • Corners in work area were wrapped with cardboard.
  • Installed an air scrubber and exhaust to the outside to minimize dust.
  • Technicians completely cleaned out and hauled away existing insulation, feces, and construction debris.
  • Sanitized the attic with fogging treatment and sealed points of entry to prevent rodent from gaining access into attic.
  • Rescreened the vents as needed and also air-sealed penetration points around wires and plumbing.  
  • Two new bathroom vents were installed and fan roof jacks and connect to fans with rigid ducting.
  • Installed a new AR-50 roof jack to increase ventilation.
  • Installed baffles.
  • Installed 100% borate treated loose fill cellulose to R-49.
  • Wrapped skylights and rigid furnace ducts with new fiberglass batted insulation.

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