​Olympia Crawl Space Cleaning and Attic Insulation

Although Olympia is probably most famous for its beer, which was brewed there by the Olympia Brewing company until 2003, those who live there enjoy its scenic beauty, bustling community and close proximity to its bigger city neighbors Seattle and Portland.  Crawl Pros has specialized in providing Olympia crawl space cleaning and attic insulation to customers since 2013.

Olympia serves as the capital of Washington with population of around 47,000.  State and local government employs most of Olympia residents who make their homes refurbished turn of the century homes as well as in vibrant new communities established in the outskirts of the city.

Like the rest of Western Washington, Olympia sees its share of cold moist air, which brings cold rain, cloudiness, and fog.  With nearly 50 inches of annual precipitation Olympia experiences heavy flooding which can adversely affect a home’s crawl space.

Crawl Pros is a the premier crawl space cleaning company serving residents of Olympia with a trained crew for large or water cleanup projects as well as full services that include damage repair and restoration, vapor barrier removal and replacement, and insulation removal and installation.

olympia sump pump

If you’re an unlucky Olympia property owner who has experienced water damage from heavy rains, such as crawl space flooding, we can help. We specialize in sump pumps, French drains, and new insulation installation. We also have a very specific process for water removal. Our water mediation services ensure that your home or business is returned to normal ASAP, and that no long-term damage is done.

Water in the crawl space is nothing to ignore!  Once there, the problems can only get worse causing further complications such as:

  1. Structural damage. Consider the wooden structure beams in your crawlspace or the framing in your walls. When these are exposed to moisture, especially a flood, that water affects their strength over time. Water damage to wood can cause it to warp, bend, or even break. You don’t want your property’s structure to weaken because a flood was not properly handled!
  1. Insulation impact. Insulation is designed to keep your home climate-controlled, but it is not easily dried after exposure to moisture. Because of its design, it actually retains water and doesn’t dry easily. As you may know, when water doesn’t dry, it can create mold or mildew. Insulation that isn’t dried properly can harbor that mold or mildew, which can cause health risks to your home. Replacing insulation that has mold is also much more resource-intensive (in time and money) than simply drying or replacing wet insulation.
  1. The need for a sump pumps. After we remove the water, dry your property, and ensure that the structures and insulation are not damaged, we can install sump pumps. Sump pumps are motorized pumps inserted into a sump basin, a pit where water collects below the floor of your property. The pump pushes water away from the basin and away from your property. This means that, when heavy rains come, your sump pump will be able to prevent a flood before it happens. French drains can also be added to direct water towards the sump pump, further preventing water seepage from affecting your property.

Crawl Pros are experts at solving Olympia crawl space cleaning and attic insulation issues.  Give us call 866-673-9626 or contact us today for a complimentary estimate.