There are plenty of reasons to naturally detest rats. An historic rat infestation was responsible for the plague that caused the deaths of millions and a lot of misery. They might not carry a similar threat today, but they can still cause a lot of harm to your family. It is important to understand that rats depend on adequate supplies of water, nutrition and shelter to survive. This is the primary reason why they can be found in the garbage, compost bins and other such waste disposing locations around the household.

If you find rats in your home, yard or anywhere in the house and don’t want a full-blown rat infestation, then follow these simple steps:

Deal with the existing  rodents:You must deal with the rodents that are already in your house if you want to prevent a rat infestation. You can use either traps or bait to capture and eliminate rats in your house. Place these traps and bait at the spots where they can usually be spotted and you’ll be able to minimize the risk of rats in your home.

rat infestation

Clean up the yard:A rat infestation depends on a steady supply of nutrition. Eliminate all kinds of debris, clutter and rubbish from your yard to minimize the risk of a rat infestation.

Use Mint:Mint is a wonderful, organic way to prevent a rat infestation. Rats and mice are appalled by the scent of mint. Plant mint in your garden and preferably rub peppermint oil around your house. This will serve as a great safeguard against any potential rat infestation.

Seal up the home:Carefully investigate if there are any holes on the exterior of your house that might give these rats an access into your house. These include doors, windows and vents. Keep them properly locked to avoid any rat infestation.

Cleanliness:Make cleanliness a priority around your house. Don’t leave any sort of food lying around and make sure that the garbage can outside is properly contained.

When These Rat Infestation Solutions Don’t Work, It’s time to Call Crawl Pros

Crawl Pros professional rodent control solutions help solve your rat and rodent issues.

We begin by filling access points used by rodents to gain entrance to your home.

In most cases we will use Xcluder®, to seal entry points.  Xcluder®a non-corrosive material made of stainless steel fibers and does not contain any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

We may also fog the infested area with EXPEL.  EXPEL Odor Neutralizer that eliminates the bacteria that causes health problems and the pheromones that attract more rodents.  It is a non-toxic anti-microbial enzyme.

In toughest cases we may install our rodent elimination trap.  The provides a humane kill procedure for up to 24 instances without need for services.  Our rodent trap tracks the number of rodent kills letting you know that it is working or if needs to be located to another area of your home.

rodent infestation trap

For more information about rodent removal and exclusion, call Crawl Pros at 866-673-9626.