​Gig Harbor Crawl Space Cleaning and Attic Insulation

Visit the town of Gig Harbor just once and you will agree with its claim to be “the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula.”  Besides its water front beauty it is close to several state and city parks and features a historic waterfront that includes boutiques and fine dining.  Crawl Pros has completed several crawl space cleaning and attic insulation projects in the Gig Harbor area.

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Gig Harbor residents realize that crawl space cleaning is vitally important to keep their home clean, safe and free from potentially hazardous structural damage. Homeowners also experience issues of poor air quality, excessively high energy costs, rodent and pest infestations, and water and moisture damage if their crawl space is not properly maintained.

Fall is a perfect time to consider a crawl space clean up and renovation.  Completing this work before the rainy winter months set in can mitigate water problems and save not just costs but any structural damage to your home.

Several other negative impacts can occur in your crawl space if not addressed promptly by expert technicians.  Some of these issues include:

Pests and Insects: Crawl spaces prove immensely attractive to pests and insects that are lured to dark and moist areas.  Proper cleaning and possible encapsulation can prevent the entry of these creatures.

Mold:  Crawl space insulation can very become a mold reservoir.  When this happens some of these molds can move easily from the crawl area up into the living space.  This can cause a variety of health problems ranging from coughing, wheezing, and eye irritation.

Structural Integrity: A damp crawl space vulnerable to the elements can compromise the structural integrity of your home .  Foundation problems can prove costly, so proper maintenance and cleaning is critical to head off these problems

The Crawl Pros’ crew is expertly-trained to clean and repair residential crawl spaces.  Here is how one of our customers described their Crawl Pros experience:

I was amazed at how reasonable the prices were, HIGHLY recommend
May 29, 2017 | C&S D.

We have a 1925 home and asked Crawl Pros to give us an estimate after we met them at a home show. Joseph came over with his assistant, Justine, and they were extremely polite. They were quite thorough when they looked at our crawlspace, and they showed us pictures of the issues that needed to be addressed. They also explained the rebates we were entitled to receive from our utility company. When we sat down to discuss the price to clean and insulate the crawlspace, and replace and insulate the ducts, I was amazed at how reasonable the prices were, so we hired them on the spot. We knew we had a rodent issue and were excited to have the neglected crawlspace finally brought back to a much better (and cleaner) state, free of rodents. Luis came out and did such an amazing job. He addressed every issue that was addressed with Joseph and really went beyond what we expected from the job. I HIGHLY recommend Crawl Pros to anyone who is looking to clean up their crawlspace. I’ve read so many other reviews before I made my decision, and my only frustration was receiving a call to reschedule work the day before they arrived (after I had already requested the days off to be home); however, they did credit me for the inconvenience.

Crawl Pros does not stop at just cleaning your crawl space.  When needed other important services can be completed including insulation removal and installation to achieve efficient energy goals, ductwork cleaning and sealing, sump pump installations, vapor barrier removal and replacement, encapsulation and water mediation.

We invite you contact us today at 866-673-9626 to discuss your crawl space maintenance needs.