Duct Sealing and Insulation Help you Stay Warm and Save Heating Costs

Duct sealing and insulation is an effective way to dramatically improve heating and cooling efficiency as well as easing the burden on your pocketbook. Did you know you could save up to 20 percent on your utility bills by simply making sure your ducts are leak-proof and well insulated? It’s true, and Crawl Space Cleaning Pros can do it all, from sealing to insulating and replacing entire portions of your duct work.

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Duct Sealing and Insulation – What We Do

During our initial consultation to evaluate your duct sealing and insulation situation, the estimator will access the duct work to see if it is in need of being replaced or repaired. At this time CSCP estimators will let you know if you qualify any utility rebates.

When the crew comes out to do the job, our professional team will go section-by-section throughout your house perform duct sealing and insulation and, if necessary, replacing your duct work to utility company standards.

  • Removing any old insulation and tape that may be on the ducts.
  • Securing ducts with screws and sealing all joints with mastic. Mastic is a flexible sealant that contracts and expands with your ducts and will never come off, unlike tape.
  • Replacing any duct lines or joints that are too damaged to be sealed with mastic or other traditional methods
  • Finally, Installers will spiral wrap the ducts, to building code, with R-11 insulation. They will then spiral nylon string/fiber tape around the insulation to permanently hold it in place.

It Makes Financial Sense

Enduring another winter with leaky air ducts is only going to result in higher utility bills. If you use your ducts in the summer to cool your home, this is all the more reason to insulate your ducts. Because 20 to 60 percent of air leakage in a home occurs within the air ducts, some utility companies do offer rebates.

Ductwork is a favorite nesting place for rodents. Rodents carry at least 35 different diseases that could be harmful to your family and pets.

If you are interested in having us evaluate your home for duct insulation and sealing or want to know if you might qualify for a utility rebate, donÍt hesitate. Call or contact us today.

Duct Sealing & Insulation

Things to consider when addressing your ductwork.

A lot of people don’t think about the ductwork in their crawl space. The ducts are the delivery system of the heat to your home. A good example that I can put to you is, you have your furnace, which generates the heat, then you have your vent that the heat comes out of, and then the ductwork is the delivery system between the two.

A lot of the duct systems are not sealed, contaminated with rodents or poorly insulated. It would be like buying an HD TV, buying a Blu-ray player and then using the cheapest wire that you could possibly find to connect the two.

The goal of us sealing up the ductwork is so that the heat that is generated in the furnace actually makes it into your home, which causes your furnace to cycle less. Most people who seal their ducts and insulate them can see anywhere from 35 to 40 percent savings off their energy bill, just with that one item.

Unfortunately, rodents love to nest on top of the ducts also. It’s nice and warm. And on the flexible ducting (the ducting that is made out of plastic) they will often chew into and actually be nesting inside the duct itself. That’s why it’s important for us to locate these, seal them up, cut out the bad sections and replace them.

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