Crawl Pros recommends a crawl space vapor barrier under your home to keep keep your crawl space clean, dry and free of rodents and pests.

Having a crawl space vapor barrier under your home offers great protection against moisture, rodents and other pests.

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Let’s examine some reasons why having a vapor barrier is a must, especially if you live in an older home.

The primary reason for a crawl space vapor barrier is to free your crawl space of moisture. There are many reasons to keep your crawl space dry:

• To prevent moisture coming in contact with wood supports under your home, which, over time, causes rot.
• To prevent moisture coming in contact with electrical wiring – a dangerous combo!
• To prevent moisture from contacting any metal parts of your crawl space, causing rust and corrosion
• To prevent Mold and mildew: There is a number of problems that mold or mildew can cause in your home. The very least of these is a musty odor that creeps into every room. Aside from the smell, mold and mildew are downright hazardous; causing health problems like allergies, asthma, skin irritations, respiratory issues and more. According to a Brown University study, exposure to mold could even cause depression. Another danger of mold and mildew is they put at risk the structural integrity of your home! Both mold and mildew thrive in damp, dark places, so a vapor barrier will keep your crawl space nice and dry. Don’t let your home succumb to problems easily remedied.

Rodents and Pests:
Another good reason to have a vapor barrier installed is to keep rodents and pests out. They can cause all kinds of damage, including chewing on electrical wires, which might cause a fire. By eliminating dampness and high humidity rodents and pests will be less likely to want to stay. And if they show up after the vapor barrier has been laid down, their presence will be easy to detect.

Heat (i.e. saving money):
When colder weather hits, you’ll want to make sure your home maintains a comfortable, consistent temperature in every room. Any openings in your crawl space, no matter how small, will be enough to allow heat to escape. It must be entirely covered to prevent this, otherwise you’ll be facing higher electrical bills. A vapor barrier helps keep the heat in.


Whether you’re the one who’s going to crawl under your house, or you hire someone like Crawl Pros, it’s going to be a messy, cramped undertaking. By installing a vapor barrier, you’ll at least prevent someone from having to roll around in the dirt (the tight space is another matter).

The goal, of course, is to maintain the value of your home. By installing a vapor barrier, you’re ensuring it remains safe, dry, and in good condition for now and into the future. This is especially true in the event that you want to sell your home.  Savvy home buyers know to look in a crawl space and into the attic and can identify what is a warning sign.

Crawl Pros is ready to help you with all your vapor barrier needs. We even offer rebates to help you with the financing cost.

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